Our diagnostic radiology services are now available for outside referrals for non-malignant diagnostic exams. If you or a family member would like to have your diagnostic radiology services done at CARTI, simply talk to your doctor when the referral is made.

CARTI’s team of diagnostic radiologists is led by David Hays, M.D., and includes additional board-certified physicians Donald Norwood, M.D., Peter Lindley M.D., Theodore Hronas, M.D., and Stacy Smith-Foley, M.D. You can rely on CARTI for the most advanced services in all areas of diagnostic radiology, including lung screenings, CT, nuclear medicine, PET-CT scans, ultrasound and interventional radiology. Working with CARTI allows you to expand the quality of patient services by teaming with a leader in the diagnostic radiology field.


Tell your physician you would like to have your procedure done at CARTI.
For a referral, have your doctor call 501.906.4429 or 844.552.2784 and ask for CARTI’s Imaging Division.

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